Investing in a marketing strategy to make sales and promote your business!

Season #1

Laura Higgins is a business coach who specialises in working with creative women to focus on their marketing, sales, systems and processes to help them grow with confidence and scale sustainably. In this episode, Tara sits down with Lara to discuss the power of an integrated sales and marketing strategy for creative based businesses and the importance of shifting the outdated perspective of sales and instead, focusing on how you can best serve others and what value they can receive. From where to find your target audience, understanding how they consume content and what influences their buying decisions, Laura shares her winning formula for growing an email list and stresses the value of a holistic content strategy to promote your business. Join your host Tara Solberg and Laura Higgins in this insightful episode as they unravel the secrets to feeling aligned, simplifying your business operations and achieving success in the creative realm.