Figuring Out Your Finances with Melissa Browne

Season #1

One of the biggest hurdles we all face when starting a new business, and something that can quite often be the deciding factor as to whether or not we actually pursue our ideas or not is finance. I know when Danny and I started our business back in 2009, we didn’t have a lot of money, or access to money (and we didn’t know a lot about that side of it either!), and our business was built from a contribution of the entirety of our savings, from selling assets and from borrowing from the good old bank of Mum and Dad.

In this episode, I've invited the always inspiring Melissa Browne from @moremoneyforshoes to offer her advice on how to approach taking that ‘leap’ into going into business for yourself and making sure you’re taking the right steps to a successful (and profitable) outcome. You can find out more about what Mel offers here. Enjoy!