Increase Cash Flow this Valentines Day!

Feb 08, 2024

Love is in the air! Valentines Day is a fleeting holiday, but one to invest both your time and money to add a little extra cash flow towards this months takings! Below I share the essentials for squeezing the most out of this fleeting holiday in 2024.


🤍 You don't need to buy specific Valentines Day merchandise for the holiday. Mix-in your best-sellers from January into your V-Day display!


🤍 Create gift 'bundles' to upsell on multiple products and increase your average order value (AOV). This is also a great tip to clear old stock and reduce waste!


🤍 Get creative with your signage. Valentines Day is not just for romantic love. Remind your customers, gift-giving for teachers, colleagues, relatives, pets, new found connections and those celebrating their birthdays in Feb are all worth spending a little money on! 


🤍 Time is ticking. You only have 1-2 weeks in early Feb to make your sales, so perhaps on Valentines Day, add a little sale or discounted section to clear stock fast!


🤍 Be present on your socials and email! Let your customers know you have Valentines Day merchandise and offer free gift wrapping, which you can share via an instagram reel or stories! This is free organic marketing for a holiday which is fleeting, so don't let the opportunity pass you by!


🤍 Encourage staff to communicate your V-day offerings to upsell sales with small (but significant) add-on Valentines Day purchases!


🤍 Finally, sales made around Valentines Day is bonus revenue to everyday trading so get involved! It's reason for consumers to spend whether planned or not!

Do you ever daydream about starting your own successful business, thriving online store or beautiful retail space but don’t have a single clue where to begin?

Is your excitement and enthusiasm continually squashed by confusion and doubt over what you physically need to do to get started? 

 Perhaps you feel like you don’t have the right tools in your kit to actually build your dream business? 

Let me tell you right now - you are definitely not alone! In fact, when I launched my business back in 2009, I had no idea what I was doing. I am the living proof that you can start a business without any prior knowledge.

But… a little help never goes astray, right?


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