Mother's Day Checklist For Retailers

Apr 30, 2024

As Mother's Day approaches, the familiar flood of flowers, chocolates, candles and slippers inundate both physical shopfronts and online stores.


And while these undeniably delightful gifts resonate with many women, what if this year, your store dared to offer something refreshingly different to attract new customers and increase sales?


Picture this: a Mother's Day shopping experience that is capturing, innovative and thoughtful.


If you're eager to make a memorable impact this Mother's Day, there's still time to implement new and creative ideas! Read on, as I walk you through some not-so-typical suggestions!


Here are my suggestions for the best Mother's Day shopping experience!


✔️ Offer a FREE brew! Create a tea or hot chocolate station (sample size to avoid any accidents) and offer to customers as soon as they walk through the door! The delicious aromas will fill your store and who doesn't love a chat over a quick cuppa?

✔️ Indulge your customers senses further with FREE tastings! Whether it be chocolate, cheese, biscuits or sweets, make it fun and turn the experience into a guessing game! Have a few different flavours available and ask what customers can taste and which flavour their mum would like best. And if you're feeling cheeky, give your customers a blindfold (that you also sell in your store!). It's bound to conjure up a few laughs!!

✔️ Competition time! Customers are likely to have their phones on them while browsing your store. Why not use this opportunity to grow some brand awareness and host a competition! Tell customers to take one picture of something they find attractive in your store, get them to post to stories and tag your store and reward them with a % discount.

✔️ Personalise. Presents professionally gift wrapped have a certain je ne sai quoi. But what if you made this free service slightly more seductive with a choice of various wrapping paper, ribbons and gift tags to make the experience more bespoke! You could also include a promotional store gift tag for customers to write their heart filled message to their mum! Customers might not have wrapped their mothers day gifts themselves, though it their your choices that brought it all together!

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