How To Generate Consistent, Repeat Traffic

May 07, 2024

Your ideal customer has you at the forefront of their mind...


They're scrolling your Instagram feed while sipping their morning brew; they're scanning their emails for updates during that mid-morning slump; they're virtual shopping cart is brimming with your offerings, and before the day is done, they've secured their purchase in a few swift clicks!


When you have won your customers trust, your messaging becomes their doctrine, your branding feels therapeutic and your offerings are the devils fruit! They're obsessed with everything you put out in the world and all they want is MORE.


It doesn't matter if you're a homewares shop, cafe, fashion label or garden centre. If you offer something your customer wants and values, you will generate consistent, repeat traffic.


"How?"you might ask? Three words...






Read on to unlock the obvious (but sometimes forgotten) ways of becoming the brand that:


✔︎ Serves the products everyone wants

✔︎ Wins customers votes for the best online care

✔︎ No longer searches for customers... they'll find you!!


👉🏼 Check your data to see where your customers are coming from. Which channel are they discovering you? Mobile? Website? Explore your insights and saturate that channel with consistent, engaging content to grow your following further.


👉🏼 Be the saving grace store that stocks the products people desire! Keep tabs on what is trending and most importantly, ensure you are listed as a stockist!! If you have the 'thing' people want, customers will find you!


👉🏼 Reward your exisiting customers! Utilise your CRM to increase customer retention. Provide them with early access to new collections, host VIP shopping nights and exclusive in-store events! Your VIP's are your bread and butter customers so be sure to touch base, send survey's and respond to their wants and needs.


👉🏼 Always be present. Whether it be on socials or emails, be in your customers 'feeds'. No one is going to visit you on foot or buy from your online store if they don't know you exist!


👉🏼 Change. Update your shopfront regularly. Get rid of old stock. Re-merchandise. Keep your store new and exciting!!


👉🏼 Customers value value. How does your product serve your customer to better their lives and others? When something enhances someones lively-hood, others will soon follow and want it for themselves. Share your customers enjoying your products! Your customers are free marketing!


👉🏼 If you are advertising, be sure to make your ads feel personal. 94% of marketers say, "personalisation boosts sales."


👉🏼 Don't let trends influence or change your brand identity. Your ideal customer shares your faith in your original vision, product and ethos.


Do you ever daydream about starting your own successful business, thriving online store or beautiful retail space but don’t have a single clue where to begin?

Is your excitement and enthusiasm continually squashed by confusion and doubt over what you physically need to do to get started? 

 Perhaps you feel like you don’t have the right tools in your kit to actually build your dream business? 

Let me tell you right now - you are definitely not alone! In fact, when I launched my business back in 2009, I had no idea what I was doing. I am the living proof that you can start a business without any prior knowledge.

But… a little help never goes astray, right?


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