How To Implement Better Team Management NOW!

Jul 01, 2024

When it comes to running a business, everyone has a role to play and everyone needs ownership of that role to maintain shared vision.


As a business owner, your role is especially important.


You are there to maintain energy levels and drive productivity. Your ability to show up fully for yourself and your team is what keeps the wheels turning smoothly!


Imagine a business where your team not only takes control of their responsibilities but also thrives in an environment that keeps them stimulated and feeling fantastic!


If you aspire to create such a dynamic and engaging workplace, continue reading.


1. Be aware of each staffs workload. If you have nurtured the best team, they will want to go above and beyond to do as much for you as possible and meet your expectations. However, be aware of how much is "too much". While they might love your brand, work ethic, what you've established and only want to impress you, if you bury them with tasks and work, you are not only damaging your reputation as "leader", but your relationship with that staff member, who only desires to perform to your standards, and their own! Everyone has a breaking point!


2. Remove the chaos! Be in control. Implement structure to increase productivity and give your staff purpose. Don't leave anything "unknown". Catch up with your team regularly and leave time in the meeting to answer any questions. If you don't have time for weekly or regularly meetings, get your staff to leave feedback, and make the time to read it!! If this is an end of day report, make a reminder in your calendar so it becomes a non-negotiable and you don't forget!


3. Follow your store data in comparison with your staffs performance and how you and they showed up! Are sales up because your team are performing well? If numbers are down, why? Are someone's sales targets down because they're feeling unmotivated? Was a customer rude to them and no one noticed? As the boss, you need to show up for your staff and be thorough with your data!! There are more behind the numbers than you think!


4. Foster a culture of openness and engagement. Make your staff feel part of a team. Take responsibility. You're the author! Change the narrative if the data and your staff aren't reading how you like. You and your staff will feel empowered and it will create a system that you can maintain.


5. Hold your team accountable. You can be friendly with your team - but they are not your friends. You are running a business, and when staff feel "relaxed", performance might slip! They don't want to be your friend and you don't need them to be your friend. They work for you. Don't blur that line. You cannot let things slide due to your relationships. Be human, but in control; you have to be a leader.

Do you ever daydream about starting your own successful business, thriving online store or beautiful retail space but don’t have a single clue where to begin?

Is your excitement and enthusiasm continually squashed by confusion and doubt over what you physically need to do to get started? 

 Perhaps you feel like you don’t have the right tools in your kit to actually build your dream business? 

Let me tell you right now - you are definitely not alone! In fact, when I launched my business back in 2009, I had no idea what I was doing. I am the living proof that you can start a business without any prior knowledge.

But… a little help never goes astray, right?


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