Creating Sensory Experience with NEW Merch in Autumn 2024

Mar 01, 2024

Re-merchandising this month offers a golden opportunity to captivate customers with fresh, seasonal displays and a warm, cosy, sensory experience!

Using the seasons as a pivot point to update and re-merchandise helps:

Limit out-of-stock items and clear out inventory. Be wary of buying before adding to existing inventory; What products have provided the greatest profit, and the least profit?

Boost revenue and increase margins. Everyone loves an 'End of Season' sale, but equally, 'New Season' offerings!

Create traffic (both on foot and online) to increase your online customer database and generate repeat customers


HOW to re-merchandise and make this seasons offerings uniquely Autumnal?


Give consumers a reason to shop! Earn profit over seasonal holidays (such as Easter!) by creating a sensory experience your customers will remember, and will also set yourself apart from your competitors!

 Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating key autumn trends into your merchandising displays. Whether it's earthy tones, chunky knits, or nature-inspired prints, showcasing seasonal trends will capture the attention of fashion-forward customers and demonstrate your commitment to staying current!

 Tell a story with your merchandising by creating seasonal vignettes. Arrange products in themed displays that evoke the spirit of the season. Make the display visible from your shop window to lure customers in - a welcome retreat from the cool air outside!!

  Appeal to customers' senses incorporating seasonal scents into your retail space. Scented candles and diffusers create a warm and inviting atmosphere that will naturally increase browsing time plus the opportunity to build relationships with your customers! Targeting customers senses is not easily achieved by online stores so be sure to use this to your advantage!!

 Take advantage of the seasonal excitement by offering special promotions and bundles that align with autumn themes. Whether it's "cozy essentials" or a "Autumn wardrobe refresh" promotion, seasonal sales can boost profit and attract new customers!

 Keep an eye on customer feedback and sales data throughout the season, and be prepared to make adjustments to your merchandising strategy as needed. Stay flexible and responsive to changing trends, customer preferences, and market dynamics to ensure continued success throughout the autumn season and beyond.


By following these re-merchandising tips for Autumn 2024, you can create a retail space that not only captures the essence of the season but also delights and inspires customers, driving engagement, loyalty, and sales!


Happy trading Retailers!!

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